02 November 2011

What I'm Reading

I'm off to ASAE's In Honor of Women today to celebrate with "Rising Star" honoree Lauren Wolfe, but I wanted to get this out first.
  • 13 punctuation marks you never knew existed. I actually did know a few of these, because I'm a huge nerd, and thanks to Maddie Grant for the link!
  • Talent is irrelevant.
  • Think everything is fine and dandy from an employment perspective in the non-profit world? Think again.
  • How everything you learned in school screwed up your ability to write for business.
  • More great stuff on diversity, from Acronym and Dylan Tweney.
  • It's OK to be ordinary - you can still change the world.
  • Seeing as I aspire to the top spot some day, dear God, I hope this guy is trying (and failing) to be funny.
  • I'm also re-reading the Hunger Games trilogy. So much fun! I think the movie version is going to be terrific.


hecatedemeter said...

I know way too many of those punctuation marks! Sign of a misspent youth.

David M. Patt, CAE said...

Great link to how school writing is so different than business writing.

But school writing teaches students how think about what they were writing.

Business writing assumes you've already thought about what you are writing, so you should know how to condense it. And get to the point. Quickly.

School didn't teach that part.