21 October 2011

Friday Top 5

Man, I have been running around like a maniac recently! Some travel has been for fun, some has been for work, but it feels like I've hardly been home since before #ASAE11!

Well, no more. I think - I think - I get to stay home for a while now. And much as I enjoy travel and spending time with members and my organization's corporate supporters and my friends and family, well...  --> --> -->

Top 5 Things That Are Great About Staying Put For A While:
  1. Getting reacquainted with my cat, who's been looking a little lonely recently
  2. Not only getting caught up on my house To Do list, but having time to putter as a result
  3. Baking bread and croissants and baguettes and muffins and cookies and pies...
  4. Visiting the farmer's market (thank heavens I had a CSA this year!)
  5. NOT having to pack. Again. I'm a lousy packer.
Image credit: erikazen

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