20 September 2011

Innovation in 4...3...2...

Did you know that today is ASAE Innovation Talks Day?

Six association thought leaders are at ASAE today leading discussions on a variety of topics:
  • Jeffrey Cufaude will be addressing the importance of innovative beginnings to achieving innovative results.
  • Dave Coriale will be talking about the role of technology.
  • Scott Steen will lead a look at design thinking.
  • Rhea Blanken will share on the source of innovation: people!
  • Karen Gonzales will look at member expectations
  • Dave Will will talk about online learning.
What if, like me, you couldn't go in person?

We have resources!
  • You should definitely watch the hashtag #asaeinnov today - lots of the people who are there are live tweeting.
  • Deirdre Reid has been blogging about this topic for Avectra.
  • Eric Lanke has been documenting his work around this with WSAE on the Hourglass Blog.
  •  There are other innovation talk events coming in the next several months (and hey - lots of them AREN'T in DC!). 
  • And today's #assnchat will focus on this topic in about...2 hours.
What am I missing? Add it in the comments.

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Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Today's in-person talks are being captured on video and will be made available at some point. I imagine some if not all of the slide decks will go up on Collaborate at some point.