30 September 2011

Friday Top 5

My dad just hit a milestone birthday yesterday, and we're headed to the Philly area this weekend to celebrate with him.

So this Friday Top 5 is for you, Dad.

Top 5 things that are AWESOME about my dad:
  1. He was the first person in his family to go to college, Drexel specifically, in the late 1960's and thanks to their innovative co-op program.
  2. He can fix anything.  Not only *can* he fix anything, he sometimes has to be physically restrained from doing so when he's supposed to be visiting us just to have fun.
  3. He and my mom have provided a great example of a happy marriage to me and my brother (43 years and going strong).
  4. He taught me about money, so even when my spouse and I were poor starving grad students, we never worried about our ability to pay our bills, save for the future/a rainy day, and give a little something to people with even less.
  5. He ends every phone conversation with: "I love you, hon."
I love you, too, Dad. Happy birthday.

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hecatedemeter said...

And he comes to your recitals! Happy Birthday, Mr. W.!