16 September 2011

Friday Top 5

It's not quite officially fall (yet), but with the weather over the past few days, it's certainly starting to feel like fall. Fall and spring have always been my preferred seasons, with probably a slight edge to fall - hey, I was a big nerd and actually liked school. My Top 5 Favorite Things About Fall:
  1. The weather - cool nights, crisp days, and bright sun that I can enjoy without freaking out about potential sunburn/sun damage.
  2. Switching back to hot coffee and tea from iced coffee and tea (I enjoy the reverse switch in the spring equally well), and to bourbon drinks from gin drinks (which, again, I also enjoy reversing in the spring).
  3. Baking - it's too damn hot in the summer to put the oven on.
  4. Fires in the fireplace.

Image credit: Port Wallpaper

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