31 August 2011

What I'm Reading

I've got link love for EVERYONE this week. Hey, it's the week before Labor Day - things are pretty quiet around here.
  • Mastered the Conversation Prism? Then you're ready for the Brandsphere (it's a little complicated but I like where Brian Solis is going with this).
  • Jamie Notter is starting to write some Humanize-related posts, and they're good stuff.
  • The Beloit Mindset list is out for the class of 2015, and Shelly Alcorn has some great advice for those of us who AREN'T 18.
  • Hugh MacLeod is reclaiming blogging - should you?
  • What might your use of pronouns say about you?  (hat tip to Jeffrey Cufaude for the link)
  • You can't make the All-Star team if you never get to play.
  • The diversity conversation continues, and Jamie Notter weighs in, as does Shelly Alcorn.
  • Still figuring out Google+? Do you participate in any classes?
  • Think LinkedIn is just a Rolodex that updates itself? Think again.
  • I don't usually link to MarketingProfs because they have weird access rules, but this piece about impact of Facebook pages on customers' perceptions of your brand's openness to helping them seemed too important not to mention (hope you can actually get to it).
  • Interesting post about innovation and competitive advantage from MemberClicks.
  • Content not being shared? Social Media Examiner can help.
  • Just in case you weren't sure, the right leadership CAN transform your organization.
  • Your association should be a movement not an institution.
  • Finally, I'm reading Jane Smiley's Ten Days in the Hills. I doubt any of her other books will ever surpass my love for Moo, and this one seems a little...unfocused so far (although I think that may be at least part of the point).

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