03 August 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Thinking about a new website? Burned more than once by bad organization of your information? A good friend of mine who is an information architect highly recommended this guy's information, and he'll be doing a workshop in DC in early September that you might want to check out.
  • 11 key social media metrics - how many are you measuring?
  • Tired of social media? Maybe you're doing it wrong.
  • Does your association do any advocacy work? You have to check out the latest about Congress and social media.
  • Does your association have a white label social network? Mayo Clinic, usually a winner in the social space, is providing a negative example, so learn and avoid their mistakes.
  • Going to #ASAE11 next week? Better check out Maddie Grant's review of the iPad app first! (Edited to add: my bad! It was actually Lindy Dreyer who wrote the iPad app review.)
  • Meet better. Jeffrey Cufaude thinks you can (and so do I).
  • Just started reading Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture. It's an interesting read for me, not least of which because it's describing something that's a bit foreign - I don't do Living Social or Groupon (I think both hurt small businesses) and I don't shop at big box stores (same reason). If one of your goals is to be a conscious consumer, though, I highly recommend it.

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