07 August 2011

Social Media Trouble Spots

Lindy Dreyer, Chief Social Media Marketer for Social Fish, and I are presenting a session on this topic today at the ASAE Annual Meeting. True to my usual form, I'm posting our resources here at T4P.

Unsurprisingly, they're all directly from the Social Fish:
  • Did you know they published a book called Open Community? Our handout for the session (which you can download from the main conference site linked above) includes an excerpt from it, and it looks at the concepts of process, culture, and skill set in detail. Check it out!
  • The Social Fish and Leslie White of Croydon Consulting also came out with a white paper on risk, legality and social media policies. Having clear policies that everyone knows and understands and procedures they can follow is a key component of getting your culture in order.
  • I was going to try to link to some relevant blog posts from Maddie and Lindy on this topic, and quickly found myself realizing that nearly ALL of their blog posts are relevant to this topic (go figure). So do yourself a favor and add them to your RSS feed.

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