19 August 2011

Friday Top 5

Yes, it's another post about belly dancing. This weekend is the Sahara Dance end of trimester show - Sahara Dance Caravan: Exploring the Evolution of Belly Dance. The summer show is a lot of fun. Top 5 Reasons you should join me (at the 8 pm show - or go to the 4 pm show if that's when you're free):
  • This is the "experimental" show, which means you might hear some music you actually recognize and you'll get to see belly dance combined with other forms of dance (aka "fusion" styles).
  • You'll get to hear me bust out my ululations, which I've been practicing, since learning the skill was this year's New Year's resolution.
  • You'll see lots of beautiful, smiling, wonderful, joyful women dancing. How awesome is that?
  • I'm not performing, so I can clue you in to what you're seeing.
  • You'll be supporting the arts and live performance. And it's late August, when not much else is going on around town. And the tickets are only $25.
Tickets are still available by following the link above, or you can get them at the door at the Harold and Sylvia Greenberg Theater of American University, which is on Wisconsin Avenue a few blocks south of the Tenleytown Metro stop.

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