20 July 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Great post from Jeffrey Cufuade: Anyone can...so why not you?
  • We're all Millennials now, at least according to this definition (I agree with Eric - how could the original author get Gen-X so badly wrong?).
  • Deirdre Reid takes on the phones/laptops at conference sessions controversy, just in time for #ASAE11. Personally, I always ask for at least one formal back channel rep during my sessions and I expect people to be on their devices. You?
  • My guest blog post on how the NFL markets to women is FINALLY live on the All Women in Media blog. Now if they could just resolve the lockout, we'd really be cooking.
  • Curious about what the first year as a CEO is like? Check out Veta Richardson's chronicles for the Association of Corporate Counsel.
  • I'm reading The Kid by Sapphire, a follow up novel to Push. It's a hard book to read - Abdul, the main character (and Precious's second child), fairly quickly becomes totally unsympathetic and a bit of a cypher (he's clearly mentally ill, and we get few clues to help us figure out which things are actually happening to him and which are merely disturbing fantasies or dreams). Sapphire does a much better job of voicing the female characters Toosie and My Lai, both of whom present coherent and moving stories. Ultimately, the author had the opportunity to say something powerful about poverty and ignorance, legacies of abuse, and the interplay between the two, as well as about the potential healing power of art, but she chose to sacrifice those to shock value.

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