12 July 2011

Happy Blogversary, T4P!

A little late...

I missed my own blog's 3rd anniversary, which was Sunday, July 3 (in my defense, that was a holiday weekend).

As usual, it's time for a few stats:

Out of the nearly 250 posts in the past year, the most popular posts have included:
In the past year, T4P has drawn almost 33,000 page views, averaging about 2700 a month.

The biggest source of traffic has been my good friend Hecate, with Networked Blogs close behind.

According to my Blogger stats, I have an audience of about 25,000, with the majority coming from the US, but more than 1000 people each in Russia (Spasiba!), France (Merci!) and Germany (Dankeschoen!), and nearly that many in the UK and the Netherlands.

Thanks for sticking with me, and, as always, Thanks for Playing!

Image credit: World Changing Seattle

1 comment:

Hecate said...

Many happy returns of the day! You always give me something to think about!