29 July 2011

Friday Top 5

NACHRI/N.A.C.H. hosted our biggest advocacy event of the year earlier this week, Family Advocacy Day. Every summer, patients who have been treated at our member hospitals come to DC to share their stories with federal legislators and point out how important it is to maintain and increase funding for the critical work children's hospitals do. Every year is special, but this year was particularly special.

Top 5 Amazing Things That Happened at #FAD11:
  1. One of our All Star advocates was Max, the star of the hilarious VW little Darth Vader Super Bowl ad.
  2. We had a special guest: Nickelodeon's iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove.
  3. The reauthorization of Children's Hospital Graduate Medical Education, one of our most important issues, passed a key House subcommittee during the event.
  4. I got to have dinner at the Monday night carnival with All Stars Franchesca and Noelle and their families and hospital support teams.
  5. In the midst of a fairly stressful time here at NACHRI with work on our merger with CHCA ongoing and details still very much up in the air, I got reminded in a very direct and personal way why we do what we do here.
To find out more about this amazing event, check out the N.A.C.H. Facebook page.

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