15 July 2011

Friday Top 5

I'm in VEGAS this weekend, baby!, having joined my spouse at the end of the big annual Cisco Geekathon for a weekend of fun. Las Vegas is, if you've never been there, a truly unique experience. It's flashy, and crass, and over the top, but it's also pretty fabulous. Top 5 Reasons?
  1. Great shopping. Sure, you can easily drop a mortgage payment or 3, but Vegas has a better combo of luxury brands than Gotham and hey, window shopping is free.
  2. Great restaurants. The $10 buffets are still there, but so are most of the top chefs in the US, at least in outpost form, and I have had some damn fine meals there.
  3. The shows. It's not a trip to Vegas without Cirque de Soleil, but I still haven't managed to realize the dream: Wayne Newton. Just have to keep going until I do.
  4. Spectacle. From the casino decor to the inhumanly tall and gorgeous show girls, everything is bigger and brighter there.
  5. People watching. Talk about a cross-section of America! You literally will see ALL types, and it's ALL entertaining.

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