08 July 2011

Friday Top 5

This weekend kicks off the 6th annual Capital Fringe Fest. It features hundreds of performances from July 7 - July 24. Top 5 reasons YOU should go to AT LEAST one show:
  • Fringe promotes new artists - it's unjuried, which means anyone with an idea is welcome to participate.
  • Fringe promotes new thinking - it's also completely uncensored. That means some of the shows are NOT appropriate for all audiences, so artists can push the envelope.
  • Fringe promotes new art forms - it's mostly theater, but there's also dance, music, performance art, puppetry, spoken word, film...
  • Fringe is cheap - the shows are $17 a pop, and there are a variety of ways to reduce that cost further.
  • Prior to Fringe, summer was a DEAD theater season here in DC. Now, even the established theater companies have summer schedules and even often participate in Fringe Fest to one degree or another.
You have 3 weeks, there are literally hundreds of choices, so go see something and support artistic freedom!

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