07 July 2011

First, Educate the Women

It's a well known fact of international development that the most efficient and effective way to lift a people out of poverty is to educate the women and girls.

Did you know that sanitary supplies are a luxury item for many women around the world? Did you know that in lesser developed countries, girls are often forced to miss several days of school each month because they don't have sanitary supplies?

Huru International is attempting to change this.

Huru is the Swahili word for freedom, and the organization works to help girls living in poverty in Africa to be able to get their educations and become self-sufficient. They also provide HIV/AIDS prevention education.

$25 will purchase a kit of supplies that can enable a girl to stay in school for a full year.

My mother is working with one of her friends who has pledged to raise the funds to purchase 500 kits (yes, that's over $12,000).

Can you spare $25 to keep a girl in school for a year?

Edited July 13 to add: not only did we get there, the Oprah Winfrey Network has expressed interest in the project. Check it out at Well of Dreams.

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