08 June 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Two good pieces from Jeff Hurt, both related to association membership: one on the myth of exclusivity and the other on membership and millennials.
  • Buttons,  buttons everywhere. Legibility of your website? Nowhere to be found, dude.
  • 10 mistakes you  - yes, you, reading this - are making in digital marketing right now.
  • Talk about making the punishment fit the crime.
  • Twitter: embrace the chaos (by the way, this is really smart, and the use of the term "panoptic" makes my little social-scientist-by-training heart flutter).
  • Just finally cracked the April issue of Associations Now, and I'm blown away by the goodness. I want to read pretty much every article, after which I know I'll need to read the Hourglass Blog's responses to Jeff De Cagna's article on (what else?) innovation. 
  • And I'm trying NOT to read the weather forecast. If I wanted 100 degrees and 90 percent humidity, I'd move to Houston (actually, probably not, but you get my point).

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Eric Lanke said...

Thanks for the mention, Elizabeth. Your readers may be interested in my other two Hourglass posts reacting to Jeff's article:

Don't Wall Yourself Off From Your Community

Digital vs. In-Person Relationships