21 June 2011

Slave to...my smartphone?

A long-time Palm Pilot user, I recently upgraded to a smart phone. I had delayed for a variety of reasons:
  1. I tend not to throw out any tech devices until they actually stop working.
  2. My Palm and my dumb phone were both still in good order.
  3. I was worried about a smart phone turning into an electronic leash.
When my dumb phone gave up the ghost in the beginning of December, I knew my days were numbered. Fortunately, my spouse had an even older but still functional dumb phone that (amazingly) was able to hold a charge after being stored in a drawer for quite literally years, so I popped in my sim card, charged it up, and could still at least text and make calls. Of course, the phone was about the size of a shoe, but....

After about 6 weeks of considering my options, I choose an iPhone in mid-January.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the intervening months:

I have a bunch of apps (nearly all free), of which I regularly use only a handful.

That handful of apps is really, really useful.

I can work from anywhere now.

But I don't have to. I am rigorous about turning off synch of my email outside business hours.
The Kindle app is really handy if you find yourself unexpectedly having to wait somewhere. But make sure you're reading a book of essays or one that you know well, since there will be a lot of picking up and putting down a given text.

I still need my iPod, because I have WAY too much music for even my 32 GB version.

I still miss my Palm, because I still haven't found a satisfactory method for managing both personal and work tasks and calendars in a way that keeps them separate but lets me easily see both at the same time.

AT&T sucks.

By the way, the Oatmeal (and there is no greater authority) is with me on this one.


shoegal said...

Link to Oatmeal doesn't work. Looks like there's an extra space after the URL.

Anonymous said...

Fixed - thanks for the heads up.

Elliott Bellaire said...

Hehe. I do love my Sidekick smartphone because it can do everything that I need. It can access the web, play music, take pictures and of course, make calls and text. However, this didn't stop me from buying stand alone gadgets like an Ipod, a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Canon DSLR. Since in my mindset, its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Anonymous said...

@Elliott - I feel the same way about shoes :)