24 June 2011

Friday Top 5

Now that school is letting out, we're moving into the height of tourist season here in DC. My Friday Top 5 is in their honor: Top 5 Tips for Visiting DC
  1. Don't all dress alike. Street crime is WAY down from where it was several years ago, but you really don't want to make yourself any more of a target than you already appear to be just by virtue of moving in large herds.
  2. It's hot as HELL, we know, but remember that many of the sites you're likely to visit command a certain level of solemnity. Dress appropriately, please.
  3. "The Mall" doesn't have shops (yes, that's an actual question I've answered).
  4. The big pointy thing is the Washington Monument. The big domey thing is the Capitol Building (yes, that's another actual question I've answered).
  5. Thanks for visiting and spending money in our city, really, we appreciate it and could use the revenue, but for God's sake remember it's stand RIGHT, walk LEFT.

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