03 June 2011

Friday Top 5

This weekend is the annual Louisiana Swamp Romp at Wolf Trap. We go every year, and the group gets bigger and bigger. We're attempting to annex the entire right side of the lawn. It's always a good time, but there are some things that stand out. My Top 5 Favorite Memories from Swamp Romp:
  1. Dancing with the guy in the wheelchair (see photo, right)
  2. Slip-n-slide the year it rained (until the Park Service shut us down)
  3. Hooking up with Team Crawfish for the first time
  4. Marcia Ball singing "Louisiana" the year after Katrina hit
  5. Every year when Jim yells: "Who wants a mint julep?" to the crowd around us, and people realize he's serious.
Not doing anything Sunday? There's still time to join us...


Lorelei said...

UNLEASH THE SPAWN! She will want her own extremely petite julep. I trust Jim to keep it on the weak side.

Anonymous said...

Sweet - it looks like the weather is going to be (relatively) cooperative too