25 May 2011

What I'm Reading

  • How to pretend to be a social media expert. HEE!
  • Association Media & Publishing has released their 2011 Excel Awards winners. NACHRI's on the list (yay, us!), so I'll be attending the awards dinner on June 1. See you there?
  • Simple tips for better presentations. I'll bet most of us do these as unconscious competents, but being a conscious competent is always better.
  • Under attack in the social space? Follow Intel's lead to a great response.
  • Now that business people have done such a bang-up job with Wall Street, the housing market, the banks, car companies, and the economy in general, they've set their sights on the non-profit world. This should go well (and thanks to my friend Vernon for the link). 
  • It's small staff association week on Acronym. Small staff organizations are my once and likely future location, so I appreciate keeping up with what's going on in that world.
  • Deirdre Reid has a report from her at-home retreat week. Like most things in life, it wasn't what she planned, and that turned out to be better.
  • Jeff Hurt calls out associations in "5 Reasons Why Your Association is Failing." Right on, man!
  • KiKi L'Italien has turned over her blog and Twitter stream to help with the rescue and recovery efforts in her hometown of Joplin, MO. Go visit to see what you can do.
  • Still picking up All in a Word from time to time, while also re-reading the delightfully creepy original Frankenstein on the Kindle. I also love the movie Young Frankenstein, being both a Mel Brooks fan and a fan of old horror/monster movies (fond memories of the fantastic post-Saturday Night Live TV show Saturday Night Dead when I was a teenager), and I had forgotten the many direct quotes from the book in that movie. LOVE!

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