11 May 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Is sitting all day really bad for you? (You probably already know the answer, but Mashable explains why.)
  • Quora opens to brands - thoughts? opinions? end of the world as we know it?
  • Unlimited vacation - can it work in the real world? (Apparently yes, but I find it highly suspicious that people self-limit to less than what most employers would offer professional level staff these days.)
  • Forget marketing "impressions" - what about "expressions"?
  • Deirdre Reid is taking a week's retreat. It sounds wonderful and brilliant, I'm envious, and I'm wondering what I could do to make it happen for me.
  • Is the end of offshoring coming?
  • Is your association thinking about going mobile? Read this first.
  • In an effort to save money while we're in the midst of our basement renovation project, I'm doing a lot of re-reading lately. I re-read Julie & Julia over the weekend. If you've only seen the movie, although it's totally worth it just to see Meryl doing Julia, you haven't got a fair picture of Julie Powell. She's a lot funnier (and she swears like a sailor and drinks like a fish, which I can respect) than the Amy Adams whiny interpretation of her on film. I'm now re-reading Watership Down, which I haven't read since I was a teenager. Such a lovely book, even though my copy is literally falling apart. Of course, buying a new one would be counter to the whole austerity plan, so I'm keeping Scotch tape (and tissues) nearby.

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