27 May 2011

Friday Top 5

Although it's not officially the start of summer (that would be June 21), Memorial Day weekend marks the observed start of the summer season. I'll be staying in town this weekend - and thanks to all those who left and made the commute SOOOOO easy this morning - while looking forward to the coming of summer. My Top 5 Favorite Things About Summer:
  1. Awesome, delicious, fresh, local produce (CSA deliveries start next week!)
  2. Long evenings, leaving me plenty of time and energy to be out and about after work (I know I have the exact same number of hours after work before bedtime, winter or summer, but summer *feels* different, you know?)
  3. Outdoor summer music festivals (like Swamp Romp - not busy Sunday, June 5? Join us!)
  4. Getting to wear all my cute shoes, accompanied by cute pedicures
  5. Mint juleps, the Official Drink of Summer, Chez Engel
Image Credit: me! That's my back yard.

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