20 May 2011

Friday Top 5

I think (she says hopefully) we're nearing the end of the basement renovation project, and, as per usual with our contractor, right on time.

Spouse and I will be spending the weekend doing the painting (it's one of the jobs we always do ourselves in the interest of saving a little cash where we can), which kind of sucks, since the weather is going to be so nice here in DC, but it is what it is.

Top 5 Reasons I'm Looking Forward to the Basement Renovation Being Done:
  1. All 3 major services (water, gas, electric) will once again be on. All the time. Reliably.
  2. I'll be able to do laundry any time I want to, without having to check whether or not I can get to the W/D (the answer was "no" for the first 6 weeks of the project) and whether or not they're currently hooked up (the answer's been "no" for the past 2 weeks, and both times, it happened without warning).
  3. Not having to locate the cats every morning and lock them in the front part of the house before leaving for work = more time for reading the newspaper. 
  4. Separate guest room and, more importantly, guest bathroom. That will be nicer than my bathroom, at least for now.
  5. Five words: Philadelphia Eagles themed woman cave. Oh yeah - it's on! Football nirvana.


shoegal said...

How many more days until football season??? Less than 3 months, isn't it (if you count the preseason and assuming the lockout gets settled)?

Anonymous said...

Pre-season games usually start the second week of August, but the labor situation is an awfully big "if."