13 May 2011

Friday Top 5

So of course it's been beautiful all work week here in DC, and now that the weekend is upon us, it's raining.

Trying very hard to look on the (virtual) bright side here, Top 5 Things I Love About a Rainy Spring Weekend:
  1. Showers --> flowers
  2. Rain washes all the pollen off my car without having to pay for the car wash
  3. Everything looks so GREEN (bonus points if you get the movie reference)
  4. Barring dumping down rain, a walk in the rain in the spring can be lovely (again, gentle, warm rain is required)
  5. Gives me an excuse to putter around the house all day (which I love to do on occasion) 
What plans do you have on tap for this rainy weekend?


Hecate said...

Also, sleeping in on Saturday am with gentle rain on the roof is like the best thing ever. Well, almost.

Anonymous said...

As long as you have company :)