13 April 2011

What I'm Reading

Short list this week since I was on vacation for most of it.
  • 6 things social media sites need to stop doing. Does your association do any of these to your members?
  • Simple steps to social media risk mitigation.
  • Looking for a job and don't mind relocating? The government of the UK is looking for a "Twitter czar." 
  • Jamie Notter urges us to play hockey in our organizations, not golf. 
  • I read Blindsight at the recommendation of Lisa Junker on vacation. Dystopian sci-fi (a favorite genre of mine) and a fascinating book. Bonus points to author Peter Watts for including an appendix explaining all the science in the sci- part. I've just started Delirium by Laura Restrepo. It has rapidly shifting perspectives, but I'm starting to hear each character's voice clearly enough that I'm keeping up, and so far the story - of a woman who loses her mind, how she got there and the people around here - is compelling.

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