22 April 2011

Friday Top 5

I'm out of here this weekend to help my niece celebrate her fourth birthday. My brother, Dorkman, and his wife, the lovely Ms. Dorkman, live in the middle of nowhere (not exactly my usual stomping grounds), at the end of an extremely dull 5 hour drive down I-81. But it's still so fun to see them and their 3 kids. The Top 5 Things That are Great about Visiting the Nieces and Nephews:
  1. The change of pace is nice, at least for a few days.
  2. The lovely Ms. Dorkman plans AMAZING themed parties for the kids. Can't wait to see what she's come up with this time.
  3. I view gift-giving as a competitive sport, and I'm in it to win it! Case in point: fairy wings for my Tinkerbell-obsessed niece.
  4. Being an auntie is great - my only job is to spoil the kids.
  5. I have no kids of my own, so there's no danger of paybacks (see above point).

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