18 April 2011

Always the Last to Know: What YOU Think

All right, T4P readers, I'm turning today's post over to you: what's the coolest, most interesting piece of technology (broadly defined - doesn't have to have anything to do with social media unless you want it to) you've encountered recently? Time to share your finds with the rest of us...

I'll go first: French Quarter Fest app (available for both iPhone and Android). It is really well designed: it allowed you to easily construct a personalized schedule, find out "what's playing now?" at any given time, connect with performers' online platforms (for those who cared to share, and yes, Amanda Shaw is now following me back on Twitter!), locate stages, find out about the food and beverage offerings, follow the hashtag - it even included an "encore flame." All for 99 cents. Money well-spent.


Vernon Horn said...

The Bicycle. Best invention in the last 100 years. It can be social if you want it to, or not (as in my case.) This excerpt from Ivan Illich is still the best argument I know for the bicycle as the best possible form of transportation imaginable: http://bit.ly/gidc1L

Scott Briscoe said...

Well, super-broadly defined, I'd have to say my favorite technology of the moment, given the pollen count in DC area is my own anti-allergen cocktail of generic Claritin and generic Sudafed.

But here's something probably more in line with what you were thinking: it was about 9 months ago that I boarded a plane at National with a phone boarding pass. I've never paid at a brick-and-mortar store using my phone, but count me as one watching that space closely, hoping it catches on. Can I get my driver's license on it as well? I'd be happy to go wallet free.