09 March 2011

What I'm Reading

  • The (awesome) Young Association Executive take over of Acronym.
  • Worried about social media missteps? Sometimes, they turn into literal gold.
  • Why the Internet (and the people on it) sucks.
  • Why does most FB marketing #FAIL?
  • Injectable computers? Not sci-fi. (let's hope they're not running Windows)
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) takes "doesn't get it" to a whole new level.
  • Damn! Where was this guy when I started grad school? If you're even thinking about thinking about getting an academic degree, read this first.
  • How to drive your conference speakers nuts in 10 easy lessons.
  • I finally finished Snow, and I'm still not quite sure what I think of it. I did finish it, though. I'm now nearly finished with Perfume, a novel by Patrick Suskind. It's not bad, and it's a quick read.

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