25 March 2011

Friday Top 5

One of my colleagues recently had to have emergency surgery. She's doing OK, but we've been trying to step in and help with food and errands. It got me thinking about cooking as a way of showing you care. Hence, the Top 5 Things I Cook to Demonstrate Affection:
  1. Baked chicken
  2. Chicken noodle soup from the remnants of said baked chicken
  3. Apple pie
  4. Honey whole wheat bread
  5. Hot chocolate
What do they have in common? They're all things you can easily buy at the grocery store: a rotisserie chicken, Campbell's, hit the store bakery, Swiss Miss. But trust me, they aren't going to taste the same. Part of it is better ingredients (Swiss Miss doesn't use real milk, 70% Ghirardelli chocolate, whole milk, cinnamon, vanilla, cayenne, honey, brown sugar, and dark rum), part of it is better technique (don't even get me started on pie crust), but I honestly believe that "made with love" makes a difference.

What non-verbal ways do you show you care?


Deirdre Reid said...

Just cleaning up -- sweeping, vacuuming, hiding or arranging clutter into neat piles, taking care of dishes, doing a bathroom attack. It's hard to feel good when your place looks like shit, it's a good way to help. Thinking about honey whole wheat bread with a softened slab of butter....

Anonymous said...

@Deirdre: too true, and the bread is also great toasted with butter and honey for breakfast