11 March 2011

Friday Top 5

I'm heading to Baltimore tomorrow for the 2011 NACHRI Creating Connections Conference.

Top 5 Great Things About Baltimore (none of which I'll get to enjoy next week, as I'll be too busy with the conference):
  1. John Waters
  2. Hon Fest
  3. The annual Night of 1000 Elvises (which, by the way, benefits one of NACHRI's member hospitals) 
  4. The amazing National Aquarium (I LOVE aquariums)
  5. The Charm City Rollergirls
An alert reader pointed out that it's actually the night of 100 Elvises. What can I say? Wishful thinking on my part, because, of course, the more Elvii, the better.
Image credit: Photo of HonFest 2007 from Imagined Life.


Anonymous said...

you forgot... crabs, the neighborhoods of Federal Hill, Canton and Little Italy, the local bar scene... oh, I love it there! have a good week!

Kristi Donovan said...

darn, Elizabeth. That comment was from me. Enjoy!