04 March 2011

Friday Top 5

After a very cold (but thankfully not particularly snowy) winter here in DC, spring is finally on the way!

My Top 5 Favorite Things about March (or at least THIS March):
  1. We return to daylight savings time, which means I get to enjoy long, lovely hours of daylight after I get home from work.
  2. My daffodils bloom. I love daffodils. They're beautiful flowers and in many spaces provide the first real color you see after winter.
  3. Mardi Gras! It's really late this year, but even though I don't get to take the day off, I party anyway.
  4. It's my birthday! And this year is a milestone birthday.
  5. Landless Theater is putting on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. SQUEE! If you like fringe theater, Joss Whedon, or musicals, you should definitely get tickets.


Hecate said...

Also, hopefully, cherry blossoms!

Anonymous said...

According to the WaPo this week, peak bloom is supposed to hit around March 29. If they're right, we'll *just* make it.

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