23 February 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Is another tech bubble on the horizon?
  • How to have the BEST Twitter bio EVER. (Oops - I'm guilty of at least one of these!)
  • How to kill innovation before it even starts.
  • 3 decisions that can make or break your online community.
  • Is it possible to be too cynical?
  • More advice for the new FB Pages, this time from Mashable.
  • "Inside voice" will kill you every time.
  • I like you, but I don't like-like you: at the intersection of brand and fan expectations on Facebook.
  • Still plugging away at Snow. It's both interesting and frustrating, and it's definitely not the most readable novel ever. But the fact that I'm still sticking with it, nearly 300 pages of either clunky writing or clunky translation in, is probably a good sign.

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