09 February 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Why are we still using PDF?  (that's actually a really good question)
  • The buzz about Foursquare has kind of died down, but some places you just don't want to be mayor of.
  • But if you're a hospital, you probably at least want to claim your venue, according to health care social media guru Ed Bennett.
  • Know anyone who's fond of railing against the federal government and need more facts to shut them up? Help has arrived.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your social campaign.
  • Interact, don't just broadcast.
  • Communications mistakes every office makes. (I don't think this is limited just to offices.)
  • I'm getting ready to give a panel presentation next week, so this advice from Jeffrey Cufaude was particularly apropos.
  • I'm also reading Snow, the novel by Orhan Pamuk. The translation is clunky - well, or the translation is great and it was written in a clunky way in the original Turkish - so it's going slowly, but so far I'm liking it. One of the reviews I read points out that it's definitely not a Western novel and that the plot exists to allow the author to explore philosophical, religious and intellectual themes. I'm definitely getting that, but a lot of those themes are explored through conversations that I wish had been either written or translated in less stilted way.


David M. Patt, CAE said...

Some people send documents and forms in .pdf format so recipients won't change the template or the info. Most people don't have software that can convert a .pdf to a .doc file.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

I think the author of the post on PDF makes a good note ab out digital publishers moving beyond PDFs for mobile devices, etc. but for the average laymen (i.e., me) we don't know XML language and are simply swapping documents back and forth in a user-friendly format. It allows us to preserve the visual look of a piece, lockout changes as David notes, capture info if the PDF is a form, etc. Let alone its universality means the other person doesn't have to have the software used to create the original file. It may go away at some point, but for business and personal use, I think it will take much longer than in publishing.

Anonymous said...

And really, the point of the PDF post is: stop posting/linking a bunch of PDFs on your website - there are better ways of dealing with information that needs to be in a particular format these days.