07 February 2011

ISO Replacement for Hootsuite

Slightly different take on my normal Monday "cool technology" post. This time, association social media pros, I need your help!

Here's the situation: NACHRI finally started taking baby steps into social media about 6 months ago. We decided we wanted to manage our Twitter account (@NACHRI) with a team of editors (11 in total) who take turns tweeting for the association. We blithely selected Hootsuite as our platform based on its built-in analytics and ability to support team tweeting. Just as everyone started getting comfortable, Hotosuite started enforcing their freemium model, and it's based on a pricing model that makes no damn sense.

So we're looking into alternatives.

We haven't done a lot with trying to manage accounts from one dashboard - hell, we don't have that many accounts to manage at this point - but team support and some level of analytics are key.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • CoTweet – Looks the most comparable to Hootsuite, but I haven't been able to find out how many team members their standard (free?) account allows, or what their enterprise version costs.
  • Media Funnel – Looks like a full-on monitoring/management dashboard at a VERY reasonable rate. 
  • Postling - Likewise, and likewise
  • Spredfast - Looks pretty awesome. Anyone have ANY idea what it costs? 
  • MarketMeSuite - Good list of features (although I can't tell if it allows team tweeting or if it's browser based or a desktop install), and they actually make their pricing public! OooooOoooo!
  • TweetDeck – Free, of course, but used on the desktop and/or mobile rather than the web (it’s what I use to manage my personal Twitter account), so it doesn’t really support the “team” concept, although it occurs to me that there’s nothing to prevent multiple people from tweeting from one account.
  • Seesmic – Also free, can be used on desktop, web, or mobile – also doesn’t seem to support the “team” concept, although again, it seems there’s nothing to prevent multiple people from tweeting from one account.
  • Twitter itself – The big drawback with Twitter has been the lack of analytics, but they’re purportedly working on changing that, although I can’t seem to find out when it will be released to the general public.
I'm looking for your feedback. Have you used any/all of these? What do/did you think? Also, does anyone have more info on CoTweet or know when/if Twitter analytics will come to us proles?


Wealth Research said...

Thanks for mentioning Spredfast on your list! Email me if you want a demo & want to talk more about pricing : jeni at spredfast dot com.

Todd Lyden said...

What about just having multiple Hootsuite accounts that can still feed into the same Twitter etc?
I've yet to see a reason NOT to do that or is it impossible?

Todd Lyden said...

side- I've been using mediafeedia.com and it only does Facebook and will have team functions shortly. I like the interface more than Hootsuite and told them as much.
hook twitter to FB and you are off!