25 February 2011

Friday Top 5

Spouse and I are headed to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit my folks. Lots of people have fraught relationships with their birth families, but, while we're all far from perfect, I'm lucky enough not to be one of them.

The Top 5 (Recent) Reasons My Folks Are AWESOME!
  1. They came to DC for the weekend during the very busy holiday season to see my belly dance performance, because it's not a recital if your mommy's not there.
  2. I got a surprise gift of King Arthur bread flour, beignet mix, and chicory coffee in the mail last week. Why? My dad wanted to send me a carnival season present, and they were following my King Cake experiments on Food Lab.
  3. They're not big party people, but they took a chance and joined us in New Orleans for Jazz Fest last spring to celebrate a milestone birthday for my spouse - and had a ball.
  4. Mom and I are going the Eagles Academy for Women on Sunday. There will be on-field time with the players at the Nova Care Complex, and my sixty-something mom is in. How awesome is that?
  5. My mom is currently working on an amazing baby gift for one of my closest friends (who fortunately doesn't read this blog) who's expecting a girl this spring. I'm not crafty, but she is, and she always comes through when I need her.
Love you, Mom & Dad - see you tomorrow night!

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Queen Bee said...

Your mom and dad rock. Plain and simple.