18 February 2011

Friday Top 5

We're gearing up for our first Food Lab since mid-November (where does the time go?) this weekend. It's been almost a year since the first one, which took place in late March of 2010. So far, we've labbed eggs, deglazing, milk, raw meat, butter doughs, and potatoes (plus I've recently been working on King Cake on my own). Tomorrow? Well, you'll just have to check the blog next week, won't you? The Top 5 Things I've Learned from Food Lab:
  1. Deep fryers are both THE BOMB and a required kitchen tool.
  2. I really can learn how to make croissants by hand, and they really are WAY better than anything you can buy.
  3. There's no substitute for a cooked custard as the basis for homemade ice cream.
  4. A/B testing is useful for a lot more things that web design.
  5. Mixing good friends, cooking good food, and drinking good booze is one of the VERY best ways you can spend a day.

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