04 February 2011

Friday Top 5

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, my office is having a chili cook off at lunch today. That and planning for our Super Bowl party this weekend (know where I live and my phone number? You're invited - just drop me a text, email, or call to let me know you're coming), inspired today's Friday Top 5: My Top 5 Favorite Football Meals!
  1. Chili with jalapeno cheddar scones on the side
  2. Dave's home-smoked BBQ brisket and ribs (sadly, Dave has moved to Florida, so this was MIA this year)
  3. Brats and sauerkraut with homemade soft pretzels
  4. Jim's chicken and andouille gumbo
  5. Fajitas (which is what we're making this weekend)
Whether you come to our place, go to another party, host a party yourself, go to your favorite sports bar, or just watch for the commercials, enjoy the big game!

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