19 January 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Are you a freeloader? And is that necessarily bad?
  • Some simple truths smart people tend to forget. Personally, I like "the problems we have with others are typically more about us" the best.
  • Eric Lanke and Jeff De Cagna are launching a public conversation about associations and innovation - jump in!
  • Splash blog asks: what do you love to do?
  • Jamie Notter asks: what is your core purpose?
  • What do the words you use most frequently in blogging say about you?  (Yes, this one's silly.)
  • Want really effective email campaigns? Use email to engage, not broadcast.
  • Great review of the top socmed monitoring tools for nonprofits.
  • I'm also reading Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, a terrific collection of short stories by Danielle Evans, and looking forward to the arrival of Ego and Archetype by Edward Edinger. Yes, I ordered an actual physical book - I'm going to be working through/studying it with a friend, and I anticipate wanting to take notes in the margins.

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