12 January 2011

What I'm Reading

  • As you know, the BIG debate going on in the past few weeks has been around Joe Flowers's post about why he's not planning to renew his ASAE membership (to which I linked in a previous What I'm Reading post). This week, Acronym responded, Jamie Notter posted something typically and incredibly thoughtful on love, Shelley Alcorn reminded us that pretending to be indispensable does a disservice to our organizations AND our members, and KiKi L'Italien focused on this topic during the weekly #Sweetspot vodcast. WHEW! I haven't posted a direct response, since I don't think I necessarily have anything new to add to the debate, but I will say this: every association needs to start thinking about what we can create that's compelling enough to make people want to support us financially in an era when what they can get for free might not be as good as what we offer, but might very well be good enough.
  • Radical transparency: it's not as simple as it looks.
  • Can you be your own meeting fairie?
  • 4 lessons from socmed in 2010 from NTEN's awesome Holly Ross.
  • Want to write better?  Follow these 5 commandments.
  • Reflections on the evolution of logos and brands, using Starbucks as an example (the really good stuff is in the comments).
  • "Why I stopped reading your blog."
  • Does your association accept credit cards for payment? You might want to check out this great summary of trends in PCI compliance from Cisco.
  • Slogged through the piece of chick-lit crap (and the person who recommended it? you know who you are, and you'd be off the Xmas card list, if I actually sent Xmas cards), and I've moved on to Talk Talk by T.C. Boyle, one of my favorite fiction authors. So far? LOVE! As usual.


Jeff De Cagna said...

Hi E! I'm sorry you're not reading my post on the Joe Flowers conversation (which your readers can find at http://pinnovat.es/payingtheprice), and I hope it's not because I rooted for the Packers this Sunday. ;>)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff - I've actually been trying to read your post since it was mentioned on the Sweetspot last Friday, but I can't get the link to come up. It's probably a problem on my end, but you haven't been forgotten - I just can't seem to get there.

KiKi L'Italien said...

Thanks for mentioning the Sweet Spot vodcast! Joe's post really did get some great conversations going and I'd like to believe people are making changes because of it.

I won't ask who made the chick-lit suggestion, but I'd love know which book of T.C. Boyle's you like the most.

Anonymous said...

@KiKi - that's a tough one. I haven't read any of Boyle's short story collections yet, but I've read just about all his novels. I've enjoyed them all, but the ones I've liked best are probably Drop City, Tortilla Curtain, and The Inner Circle.

Eric Lanke said...

If Water Music isn't your favorite T. C. Boyle novel, there's something wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

@Eric - somehow, I've missed that one - thanks for the heads up!