05 January 2011

What I'm Reading

  • Not happy with your current Twitter client? Check out some of the other options.
  • We all know that email's still the best way to reach people, but you can increase your impact by making your email social.
  • Get inspired by 2010's best mobile ads.
  • Facebook tops Google in 2010. In other news, we should probably all go into hiding to protect ourselves from the coming throw-down.
  • Reading a dumb chick-lit book on the Kindle because I needed something a little lighter after Dorian Gray (which, in retrospect, may not have been the best choice ever during the holidays). But honestly, the particular specimen of this genre I'm reading is so dumb I'm not going to name it out of both shame (that I paid $10 for this piece of trash) and refusal to give it any more publicity. Will I even finish it? Unknown at this point, but the story is about the author, and she could not be a less appealing person, trust. She makes me want to fly to Chicago to smack her and rescue her poor significant other.

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