06 January 2011

Here Comes Clay Shirky

Another post in my irregular "What I highlighted and why while reading Here Comes Everybody" series.
What we are witnessing today is a difference in the degree of sharing so large is becomes a difference in kind.

Shirky, chapter 6, pg. 149
In other words, we're actually doing something new here. From the beginning of the Interwebs, it was always possible to have a personal site (aka "a blog"). But now, if you can use a computer and know the basics of how to use any type of word-processing program, you're good to go - no actual programming required. And that's allowing us to think about the interaction and the information rather than the technology. Which is allowing an unprecedented ability for groups to organize themselves and create knowledge.

So, associations, historical conveners of groups and creators and disseminaters of knowledge, how are we going to respond?

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