28 January 2011

Friday Top 5

Given some of the behavior I've seen on the roads recently, it's time to revisit this one:

My Top 5 Tips for Driving in Snow

(and yes, I do know better than you do - I was raised and learned to drive in Pennsylvania)
  1. You have to clean off your car. Yes, your ENTIRE car. Yes, even you, Mr. SUV Owner. Yes, even the roof. I know it's high, but getting that monstrosity was your choice. Get a step ladder.
  2. SLOW DOWN. I know you're really excited that there's less traffic than usual. Slow down anyway. No, slower. No, SLOOOOOWER.
  3. Normal braking distance? Triple it. Minimum.
  4. For those of you with automatic transmissions (which seems to be pretty much everyone other than me these days): you know that mysterious "low" gear your car has? This is what it's for - use it.
  5. If it's icy, just stay home. You cannot drive in ice. No, not even you, Mr. SUV Owner.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth. Sounds like those old Bud Light commercials ... "Mr. Gas-Guzzling SUV Owner!"