14 January 2011

Friday Top 5

Well, my Eagles are out of the playoffs. I'll still watch the games obsessively and post picks and weekly recaps to my football blog, of course, but my stress level and, consequently, my alcohol consumption are going to be much more reasonable from here on out.

Since it's over for us for this year, though, I thought it would be a good time to post my Top 5 Moments from the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles season:
  1. The 1 play opening drive from the Eagles at Redskins Monday Night Football matchup November 15 that went 88 yards for a TD. And I was there!
  2. David Akers' perfectly executed onside kick in the 4th quarter of the December 19 game at the new Meadowlands that set up the TD that cut the Giants' lead to 7. And I was there, too!
  3. DeSean Jackson's amazing punt return run at that same game that won the game for the Eagles as time ran out.
  4. The emergence of LeSean McCoy as Brian Westbrook v. 2.0. Case in point? Running out the clock (literally) in Dallas to seal the 3 point win on December 5.
  5. The fact that the team I predicted to go 6-10 even made the playoffs. And with, like, the 3rd youngest roster in the NFL, the Birds' future looks bright. Fly, Eagles Fly!

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