07 January 2011

Friday Top 5

What with the holidays and all, it took me a while to get back to this, but I didn't want to skip my Friday Top 5 recaps of #Tech10, even if they are a little late.
  1. The MemberClicks Splash blog not only put together their own blog roundup, they recapped tips for selecting an AMS and a session on doing marketing response analysis.
  2. Lynn Morton lived blogged two sessions: one on driving growth and one on mobile.
  3. Acronym also did a great blog roundup, and the team recapped MANY of the sessions, including some fun photo recaps.
  4. Maggie McGary advises associations not to make rash moves in response to getting excited/inspired/scared by what they learned.
  5. And finally, Thad Lurie was inspired to write haiku. HEE!
What did you learn? How will you use that in the 2011?

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