29 December 2010

What I'm Reading

First of all, Mashable put out an exhaustive list of soc med resources from 2010. You could stop right there - this awesome list could probably keep you busy until 2012. But if you happen to have more time this week...
  • The best and worst cause marketing of 2010.
  • Want real success? Do real work.
  • Jeff Hurt has some great ideas for associations about eating your own dogfood.
  • How to recognize an idiot, a hilarious rant that also contains useful advice.
  • Joe Flowers asks: to renew or not? Be sure to read all the thoughtful comments.
  • I finished Dorian Gray last night (creepy!), and am considering what to start next. I have some good stuff downloaded to the Kindle, but I also have some actual books in waiting. Time to return to paper for a little while? I don't have any trips planned until late January...

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