08 December 2010

What I'm Reading

Only a few items today (it's been a busy week!):
  • Branding in the digital age? You're throwing away money.
  • Got an online community? Don't do these 5 things.
  • They are 9 gazillion blogs - how do you know which ones your organization should interact with? The always-incisive John Haydon has some advice.
  • Just in time for Tech10, a reminder on the key steps to working a room.
  • Reading Ivy Briefs by Martha Kimes on the Kindle, and thinking how glad I am that I never went to law school. It's not nearly as powerful as Marilyn French's The Women's Room, which is the only thing that was able to help make any sense at all out of my grad school experiences at UVA, but it does have the virtue of being entertaining and reasonably well-written.

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John Haydon said...

Elizabeth - Thanks for commenting. Again. Enjoy the weekend!