01 December 2010

What I'm Reading

  • Why I'm NOT a social media expert - LOVE!
  • Apparently, it's my week to pick up on snarky posts - this one's a gem on "employee engagement."
  • MIT's Technology Review addresses how HTML5 is going to change things on the web.
  • Twitter Analytics are coming.
  • Why paid time to volunteer is a good thing.
  • Olivier Blanchard goes on an epic rant and it's good stuff.
  • Jeff Hurt recounts The TED Commandments, which should be required reading for anyone who ever speaks or hires speakers.
  • Google Docs now synchs with MS Office.
  • Vinay Kumar's been doing a series recently looking at personality types and motivation in the workplace. I've found that you don't want to read too much into these things, but that they can provide some additional tools for working successfully with colleagues.
  • The best panelists misbehave - WORD!
  • Simple tips for managing your time and workload.
  • Need something new to read yourself? Check out this great list of 125 fearless female bloggers.
  • Rather than going on to a novel, I decided it was time for a little non-fiction. I've been reading This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich on the Kindle. Puts me in mind of the "if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" quote, which I think originated with Mother Jones.
  • Finally, a little canine humor.


sohini said...

1) Just read the bit on the social media expert bit. That was hilarious! :)

2) "Employee engagement." Urk!

3) I didn't know Barbara Ehrenreich had a book out. I inhaled "Nickle and Dimed" and found a way to work it into the food show I worked on years ago. Will have to check out "This land..." After I'm done reading "Cleopatra, A life," which I'm thoroughly enjoying.


Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE said...

I'm not even sure This Land is Ehrenreich's latest - she's written a lot of good stuff. I recently read Bright Sided, and loved it, too.