17 December 2010

Friday Top 5

Let the recap posts commence!

The Top 5 Things I Learned at Tech10:
  1. We (association staff) are responsible to nurture and support our online communities. What does that mean? We have to set goals and be held accountable for achieving them. (HUG super forum)
  2. The crisis of modern leadership is to be able to give up control while still maintaining enough command to get stuff done. (Charlene Li's keynote)
  3. Stats are only useful if they drive action, either by telling us that what we did worked, so keep doing it or pointing out when something went wrong, so we can fix it. We have to turn data into information that leads to decisions. (Data, Data Everywhere - Marissa Goldsmith -  and Social Media Monitoring for Associations - Lynn Morton, KiKi L'Italien, Peter Hutchins)
  4.  Want your online community to thrive? Cross-promote, cross-promote, cross-promote. And involve EVERYONE. (appropriately, Make Your Online Community Thrive - Heather McNair)
  5. Experiment, but set up experiments that can be measured, evaluated, and iterated until you get to success (Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map - Holly Ross)
  6. Bonus: open community = people giving a damn (Open Community fireside chat)
What did YOU learn? (There's a good chance NEXT Friday's Top 5 will be the top 5 #Tech10 recaps - wanted to do that this week, but I have to give people a chance to digest that big meal of geek.)

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