03 November 2010

What I'm Reading

Shortish list today while I'm at the annual NACHRI communications team retreat.
  • Want to post to FB as an organization rather than a person? The always spot-on John Haydon shows you how.
  • Jeff Hurt's tips for more effective Google searches. I'm a pretty dexterous searcher, and even I learned some stuff here.
  • Wow. Just wow. Also an important reminder from Joe Gerstandt that actions speak louder than words.
  • Fascinating article on why we procrastinate and why some are able to overcome that universal human tendency.
  • 10 numbers every email marketer should commit to memory.
  • Still working on American Psycho. Skipping over the gory parts is working just fine, and I'm in the midst of a really interesting conversation Patrick Bateman has with his secretary Jean towards the end of the book about how everything is surface and nothing has any real meaning. Before you judge, remember that these sort of late-80s sentiments and experiences gave rise to a lot of great music in the 90s.

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