19 November 2010

Friday Top 5

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition that I love. Once the food's all ready and on the table, we sit down and, before eating, go around the table taking turns saying what we're thankful for in the past year. I'm getting started a little early today ,with the Top 5 things I'm thankful for:
  1. My wonderful spouse, Jim.
  2. My awesome, crazy friends in and outside the association community, who make me laugh and think, bring joy to my life, and keep me from having to drink alone.
  3. After a few years of career turmoil, finding a job that, a year and a half in, is still a good fit and that I still enjoy going to just about every day.
  4. My terrific, supportive family, all of whom live in easy weekend visiting distance but not in drop-in distance (which is the perfect distance to be in my book).
  5. The fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are, at 6-3, tied for first place in the NFC East and could potentially take sole possession of the lead in the division if all goes well this weekend.
What are you thankful for this harvest season?

1 comment:

sohini said...

The people I love, the friends who stick by me, my life in general. It could be worse, so much worse. I am thankful I live a nice life every day. One of my most common prayers is, "Help me earn my good fortune."

Thank you for this post. I hope you have a great holiday. :)